Hello world!


My plan here is to post random crap relating to my being a poor, random, shameless, idiotic, and sometimes cliche college kid.

By shameless I mean things like:
I will dance in public (school, work, restaurants, etc).
I will scream obscenities at random intervals (usually outside).
I sell vibrators for minimum wage and not ashamed about it.
I openly discuss my chest with friends.

And now for some basics about me.

I attend ETSU (East Tennessee State University).
I am an English major.
I used to go to NSCC (Northeast State Community College) and visit regularly.
I procrastinate.
I’m poor.
I work in hell: A Mall (Spencers).
I’m dating a mall security guard (a source of my “I have no shame” conversations. Mainly the jokes we make to my coworkers).
I am obsessed with zombie literature. And young adult literature.
I procrastinate. Often.
I speak like a lolcat and use awkward grammar at random. And make noises I can’t spell. (GNAGN!)

I plan on having a couple posts with some possibly interesting stories proving I have no shame. And I hope to post new stuff a couple times a week.


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