Nipple Clamps?


My friends are special.
My bff and a mutual friend of ours were hanging out in my car at the NSCC parking lot one day not long ago. Because we can. So, being us, we started making dirty jokes and SOMEHOW….. Nipple Clamps came into conversation. I made a noise that I can not begin to spell in a way that properly displays the awkwardness of it.
This is as close as I can get: GNAGN GNAGN! *grabs own boobs and looks pained*
So, ever since this day, these 2 friends (along with others who have been around when they do this) like to just look at me with evil grins on their faces and say “NIPPLE CLAMPS!” and listen to me make the weird noise and flail uncontrollably. If they say it enough times in a short period I stop making the noise and just start twitching.
They even got my boyfriend to start doing it. This does not please me. But it’s still stupid funny. I make the noise no matter where I am. Which is further proof that I have no shame.


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