I just said something epic….


Spazz and Prude were being obnoxious. Spazz was throwing things and Prude was being sexist.
Me: If you two don’t stop, I am going to rip your testicles out through your throat!
Prude: Who. Calm down. I wasn’t doing anything.
Spazz: I don’t think my girlfriend would like that.
Me: There are other things you can do to/for her. Sexual intercourse isn’t everything.
Angry-San: Wait. Wait. Did she just say that sex isn’t everything?
Me and Mike: *paraphrased* No. The actual act of intercourse isn’t everything. There are things besides the actual penetration that are fun.
Me: The whole sexual experience is not just an erect penis being inserted into a moist vagina. *almost laughed by the end of it*
Mike: *dies laughing*


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