Oh, how I love work sometimes….. Not.


So, I had to rearrange my schedule today ’cause I have a flat tire and no jack to put my spare on to go get the tire plugged….. So….. I went in to work at 6 after my mom got home so I could take her car. Lucky me got to deal with this…

Me: Hi, sir, can I help you with something?
Man: *Holding “KY His and Hers”* Yeah, how much is this? I can’t find a price tag.
Me: Oh, I’ll go find out for you. *goes and finds out* It’s (price).
Man: Oh, thank you.

I watched him put the KY stuff back kinda near where it’s supposed to go and I go get a step ladder to put it up properly and to put the other boxes of it that were in weird places up and to straighten the merchandise on the shelf.

Man: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make a mess.
Me: It’s ok. I can fix it in a second.
Man: Well, at least I get to watch you get on a step ladder….

I wanted to tell him I am a happily taken woman or lie and say I’m a married woman. But instead, I just laughed awkwardly and walked off after fixing the stuff.


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