Carla the Redneck Juliet


So, my boyfriend and I were in the car the other day, and he got a random text.

Girl: Hi.
BF: Hi. Who is this?
Girl: Carla. Who is this?
BF: *name*
Girl: Oh, sorry, wrong number. I was looking for *other name*
BF: I don’t know anyone by that name.
Girl: Sorry to bother you, then.
*few minutes pass*
Girl: Can I ask you something?
BF: Sure.
Girl: Are you single?

At this point, I’m kinda confused. When she asked if she could ask him something, I knew where it was headed.

BF: My girlfriend who is sitting in the car next to me says “no.”

Her signature in her texts is “*Redneck Juliet*” so we about died laughing.


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