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So, I wanna rant more than tell a story…. ok?


So, my school is teh suxors. They don’t do one of the grants they did last year and because of this, I owe money since the Pell Grant alone doesn’t cover their stupidly high tuition costs. Even if I drop down to the bare minimum of full time enrollment, I’ll owe money. So, I owe nearly $400 by the end of the semester. This sucks because a) I have to buy books (which the boyfriend will loan me the money for) and b) my job is crap.

I need to vent so the internet why my job sucks since my mom, best friends, and boyfriend are sick of hearing it.

I’ve been employeed with a certain retail store that shall remain nameless for a little over 3 years. I started in June of 2008.

You’d think that with my years of service I’d get a raise or a promotion. Well, I’ve gotten neither, wanna know why? My boss/the company suck.

No raise because I’m a Sales Associate (part time worker, full time slave) and they don’t often last more than a year so the company stopped caring about giving raises. Also, when federal minimum wage kept going up, they figured they didn’t need to give raises to my position. Well, min wage is steady at $7.25 and has been for over 2 years.

No promotion about a year or 1.5 years  into working there when the position was available because you need 2 years sales/retail experience to get the job (this is my first and only job, besides a non-retail school job I had at my community college). So, yeah. No promotion but I didn’t mind because I understood the reasoning.

The position became open about 2.5 years into my employment with the store. I had to apply for it like I’d never applied for a job with the company before. I had to go through the online app process. I had to do one of those online tests/surveys a lot of companies have you do where you strongly agree to strongly disagree with stuff that basically asks things like “Is it EVER ok for an employee to steal?” and “is it ok for employees to work while on drugs?” and stuff like that. I failed it. My boss asked the Regional manager about it and he said to call someone to see if they can override it. Boss claimed she called and claimed that there was nothing they could do about my failed stupid test. I think this is a load of bull. If you go high enough, anything and everything can be overridden.

The part that sucks most about this? Not only would I have only needed minimal training on opening on closing (I know how to do everything else, my codes just wont let me), but the guy who got the job was hired as HOLIDAY (Temp) help. Also, he started saying inappropriate things to me. It’s one thing if I make a joke about my chest and he agrees, but he would say that he couldn’t talk to me because he would get…. distracted…. by my chest (yeah. I’m busty. but I would wear basic tank tops. Nothing lacy and super low cut and over sexy. talking jeans and a tank top). He got talked to about that and we get along ok now. But I kinda tell him what to do and he doesn’t argue because he knows I know what  I’m doing.

I think the boss refuses to promote me because I’m the first person she goes to when someone needs to call out or doesn’t show up. I’ve covered shifts for her, Supervisors, and every other Associate more times than I can count (as long as a Supervisor, Manager, or Assistant Manager is present for that shift, since I can’t work alone because of my sales associate position). A friend of  mine (who I helped get the job) is very reliable, too, but I’m still the first one the  manager calls or tells people to call. If someone needs a shift switched? Call me. If someone didn’t show up? Call me. If Manager has a sudden thing to go to? Call me. I always answer, and up until a couple months ago, I always went in if I wasn’t deathly ill or had plans out of town.

Why would a promotion effect me covering for people? Because the payroll department often doesn’t give us enough hours to run much more than a skeleton crew except for holidays and biiiiiig sale days (like Tax Free Weekend or Magical Night of Giving). Now, if someone who gets paid around $1 more per hour covers for someone who gets minimum wage, it messes with the payroll budget. And we can’t have that, can we? Even though our store makes more money for the company than the 3 of the stores in the district that really SHOULD be ahead of us. Now, why we can’t get more hours to make the employees happier is beyond me. I’d love the hours the Supervisors get, but there are 4 Associates, which I think is 1-2 more than we actually need. I get the most hours out of the associates because a) I’ve been there the longest and b) I’m the most reliable.

Proof that I am a very hard worker and I am probably working too hard for what little they pay me…

Besides the aforementioned fact that I show up, cover for everyone, and all that jazz, I ALWAYS show up about 10 minutes early. I leave 30 minutes before my shift starts and I only live about 5 miles away. (I live near a large call center that often lets out about 30 minutes before my shift starts). I usually get to the mall about 15+ minutes before my shift starts and I either wander around for a minute, get a drink, or stop and say hi to a friend in the area. When I get into the store, I still have a few minutes before my shift starts and I read whatever needs to be read and signed, I check the daily planner, I double check my schedule to check when I next work, etc. I don’t do much of that on the clock.

Also, the other day we got shipment. It’s supposed to get there by 1, and I was supposed to go in at 1. So, I get there and ask my friend if shipment was there and she said it got there 30 minutes ago. So, we had 35 boxes I needed to open. I did all of them in 2.5 hours. Removed plastic and tape from merchandise, stacked it or put it in storage totes by category. Usually, something like this would’ve taken most people 3-5 hours. Me? I’m awesome. The manager took the shirts and started on them (putting censors on them, folding them, and putting them out) but she maybe got 1/4 of them done by the time she left about 2-3 hours after I finished the shipment. Meanwhile, I put out 4 overflowing totes of merchandise on the sales floor, a good 6ft by 3 ft by 4 ft group of boxed items (boxes of lights and whatnot stacked to the side) upstairs, which took a good 10+ trips, and I did this all before my lunch around 5:30. When I was done, the closing supervisor and I finished the shirts and he did one overflowing tote of merchandise and I did about 2.5 totes. We left and there was only about 3 totes worth of merchandise where there started with 10 + the stuff stacked on the floor. I was sweating my whole shift. I did not stop moving until less than an hour before I got to go home (20 minutes before the store closed). I took a short personal break to catch my breath and call my mom before going back to the sales floor and making sure the store was clean and straight. I went home, showered, and collapsed. I ached so bad I couldn’t sleep until I took a PM pain reliever… And then I was gone.

Now, on to the fellow associates who don’t work as hard as me and who I’m constantly covering for.

I love one girl. I helped her get the job. She does her job, she covers for people when she can, etc. I have no problem with her. Her one flaw is that she has to have stuff pointed out to her. She doesn’t think “oh, we’re slow. I’ll collect shirts to fold or make a sweep of the store for merchandise that is misplaced.” If you tell her to do this, she does it and does it well.

One girl has been there for a little over 2 years. She kinda has an attitude problem. All teenagers, to her, are pure evil and need to leave the store the second they unfold a shirt or don’t put something up properly. Yeah, it’s annoying when people mess stuff up, but if they aren’t acting like they’re stealing or touching and moving everything in the store, leave them alone. She hates everyone except happy babies. She complains when she has to work a long shift when she was expecting a short shift (like if someone needs to call out and she’s working the 4 hour shift before or after it so she goes from a 4 to an 8 hour shift). She will try to find a way to not stay there the whole 8 hours and whines if she has to stay. She complains that she wants more hours, but only wants it in 4 hour shifts, it seems. She got a new job and keeps calling out because she has a shift before her shift at our store (when she can easily make it to both) or because she’s hungover, or because she has a headache, or because she doesn’t have a ride (ok. ride one makes sense. but usually, you can find SOMEONE to help you out). What does she do if no one can cover? Does she come in despite a headache? No. She just doesn’t show up. Has she been fired for this behavior? No. Would I be fired if I did this? Yes. I’ve gone in with cramps so bad I’m dry heaving, allergy attacks so bad I have to carry a box of tissues with me, a cold so bad I can’t stand for long. Does it suck? yes. Should anyone have to do it? No. Does it happen? Yes. Get over it.

Now, my favorite… our young guy. He’s stupid tall and well, stupid. He would say he wants hours, but then call out for half his shifts some weeks. Most of the time it was no problem for me to take them, but sometimes I was the ONLY person who could take them and I already  had plans. Also, he’s good at not knowing he has to work. Or forgetting. And then we can’t get ahold of him to see if he can come in. He’s done this more than enough times to get fired but has only been written up once or twice for it. I know if I had 3 no calls-no shows, I’d be written up for all 3 and fired. Also, he’s good at just standing around and if I tell him he should be doing something, he tells me there’s nothing to do, or makes an excuse for why he’s standing around. There’s always something to do. Shirts to be folded, boxes to be taped, merchandise to be stocked, merchandise to be placed in it’s appropriate place. He’s an idiot and I don’t know why we keep him. Oh wait, it’s probably because the manager thinks he’s cute. When he’s not.

In short, I work way too hard for what little money I make. Some employers would consider it a blessing and love to hire this type of person, but not my boss. She abuses it and expects me to go above and beyond every time I work and to cover for anyone and everyone at the drop of a hat. If I could consistently get 15-20 hours, I’d be happy to stay. If we got rid of the reasons I will go from an 8 hour week to a 12 or 16 hour week out of nowhere, I’d be happy. I’m all for hours if I’m scheduled them or know at least a day or 2 ahead of time. There’s been a few days I almost walked out of there, but I need this as a job reference….


Thanks for reading my venting. I know no one cares, but I needed to at least type it out.